The care women receive from Stanley Angus MD is second-to-none.  His experience and expertise are great assets to the physicians at Atlanta Women’s Specialists, and Stanley Angus MD is appreciated for is uncanny ability to connect to his women patients.

Stanley Angus MD has been with Atlanta Women’s Specialists for more than a decade and has over 13 years of experience overall as a physician who specializes as an Ob/Gyn.

Stanley Angus always knew he wanted to be a doctor while growing up, but he wasn’t always sure which type. But being raised in a household full of women surely had its impact on his path. Although Stanley Angus didn’t technically discover his passion for working with women until he was on his obstetrics rotation in medical school at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, the compassion and understanding he needed to be effective at his job were instilled in him at a young age.

Before becoming Stanley Angus MD once he finished medical school, Stanley Angus earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland. After he became a licensed doctor, Stanley Angus went on to complete his residency at Lehigh Valley Hospital, just outside of Philadelphia.

Stanley Angus eventually found a practice that perfectly suits his needs and positive traits. With the practice style of Atlanta Women’s Specialists focused on helping women and their babies be as healthy as they possibly can be, Stanley Angus fits right in and his happy to contribute toward these goals.

What sets Stanley Angus MD apart from other doctors is his ability and willingness to communicate with his patients. Atlanta Women’s Specialists makes it easy to Stanley Angus to keep in touch with his patients through email and other forms of communication. Dr. Angus’ patients also always receive their lab results in a timely manner.

Atlanta Women’s Specialists has locations in Meridian Mark (Atlanta) and Alpharetta, Ga., and is a diverse, multicultural office that is leading the way in women’s healthcare. If you’re looking for better physician-patient connection and better care make an appointment with Stanley Angus MD today.